Mobile Rescue System from Mobilize

Mobile Rescue System from Mobilize

Modern supplies to manage severe bleeding, cardiac arrest, seizures, choking, and more. Comfortable shoulder straps, and a military grade nylon casing protect the life-saving supplies and make transportation convenient. The Mobilize Rescue App provides ‘just-in-time’ training to help untrained bystanders save lives. Color-coded and numbered supplies match the app’s instructions exactly.

Dimensions: L17.2” x W 13.7 x D 6.5”

Weight: 15 lbs ± 1 lbs


Our AED device orders are customized for each client. If you would like to learn more about the product read on or watch the video referenced below; otherwise tell us what you are seeking via our request a quote form.


Treatment Capabilities: severe bleeding, unconsciousness, CPR, rescue breathing children & infants, AED application, trouble breathing, opiate overdoses, hypothermia, seizures, choking, impaled objects, amputations, confusion, stings, pain, trapped limbs, burns, fractures & sprains, diabetic problems, chest pain and allergic reactions.

Storage Recommendations & Diagnostic Check: Individual supplies within the unit may be negatively impacted by prolonged exposure to hot and cold temperatures. Individual supplies have expiration dates that vary from 1-5 years from date of purchase; it is crucial that you perform diagnostic checks to ensure that the unit is charged to 100%, the proof seal is intact (not tampered with), and that the medical supplies are not damaged or contaminated.

The Mobile Unit includes a tablet device that should be used only in the temperature range of 0°C (32°F) to 40°C (104°F) (storage -20°C (-4°F) to 60°C (140°F)) to avoid damage.



Trauma Supplies                                       

4 | SOFTT Wide® Tourniquet

2 | QuikClot® Bleeding Control Dressing

2 | 6″ NAR® Emergency Trauma Dressing

2 | Hyfin® Chest Seal

2 | Water-Jel® Universal Burn Dressing

2 | Triangular Bandage

2 | 4.5” Sterile Conforming Stretch Gauze

4 | 5″ x 9″ Sterile Combine ABD Pads

2 | 10“ x 30″ Sterile Multi-Trauma Dressing

1 | 36″ SAM® Emergency Splint

2 | 4″ Elastic Wrap Bandage

1 | 4″ x 5″ Cold Compress

1 | Adhesive Tape 2.5 yd

Medical Supplies                                      

1 | CPR Face Shield with Bite Block

1 | 81mg Chewable Aspirin (Bottle)

1 | 12mg Dissolvable Allergy Tablets (Box)

1 | 15mg Insta-Glucose®

2 | Emergency Space Mylar Blanket


1 | Portable Charger and Charging Cord

1 | USB Charging Cube

1 | Inspection Card

12 | Proof Seals

2 | Bag with Biohazard Markings

1 | Trauma Shears

10 | Nitrile Gloves

1 | User Manual and Inventory Card

OSHA Compliant First Aid Supplies 

2 | Eye Pads

16 | Adhesive Bandages (Assorted Sizes)

10 | Burn Cream Packets

10 | Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packets

10 | Antiseptic Wipes

1 | Tweezers

10 | Hand Sanitizer

1 | Eye Wash

1 | First Aid Guide



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