Are you ready to provide first aid support in a crisis?

Almost everyone, at some point in his or her life, will encounter a crisis. From someone falling and not being able to get up to natural disasters, plus all the day-to-day risks we face, adds up to the need for individuals to be prepared and assist in first aid if needed. Knowing what to do in these types of situations can be the difference between someone living or dying.

Utilizing the American Safety & Health Institute standards for First Aid Instruction, NKEMS can design a facility-specific course, if needed, to address any or all of the following:

  • Legal aspects

  • Wound care

  • Bleeding control

  • Head / eye injuries

  • Heat & cold emergencies

  • Chest & abdominal injuries

  • Diabetic or allergic reaction

  • Patient assessment

  • Shock

  • Burns

  • Fractures, sprains & strains

  • Heart attack & strokes

  • Bloodborne pathogens

  • Seizures

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Cardiac Screening Can Save Lives

As an affiliate of Parent Heart Watch, cardiac screening is available through Cameron's Cause Foundation.
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