Professional Training Matters

As a Training Center for the American Heart Association and American Safety and Health Institute, NKEMS is committed to assisting the public to be better prepared in the event of a life-threatening emergency, whether it occurs at home or at work.

The sad truth is more people don’t survive a cardiac arrest. However, if CPR or an AED is used within 4-6 minutes, it saves nearly 2/3 of victims.

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Our Training Experience

NKEMS instructors are all healthcare professionals with extensive backgrounds in emergency services, so all of our courses are taught by persons who have previously utilized the skills. In addition, we employ experienced consultants and instructors to assist with OSHA compliance and training. NKEMS offers regularly scheduled training programs as well as specially designed onsite training for our clients’ convenience.

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If Sudden Cardiac Arrest Occurs, Death Could Be Imminent

AEDs are safe, accurate, simple to operate, and have saved many lives! Get yours now!
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